Kids In Discipleship

Are you concerned about your child?  Are you concerned for the children in your church and community?  With so many influences and distractions, what will it take to develop in them AN UNSHAKABLE FAITH?

What can encourage children to become LIFE-LONG disciples of Jesus?

God’s Word calls parents to be the primary discipler of children.

Today the word “family” has many different meanings. Families may include children with two parents, a single parent, grandparents, or a trusted mentor willing to stand in the gap, just as Mordecai did for Esther.

Studies show that many parents are unsure of what to do when it comes to the spiritual mentoring of their children. Where can they turn for help?  Our church wants to equip you to disciple your children for Jesus. 

Meet our children’s ministry – Kids In Discipleship.  K.I.D. is a discipleship process designed for families and focused on children.  K.I.D. trains parents and caregivers to mentor their children to be empowered disciples of Jesus NOW!

K.I.D. teaches parents and caregivers what it means to be disciples of Jesus, and how to help their children to become disciples, too.  Through a 12-session training process, Footprints in the Sand, parents learn to become their child’s life-teacher. Parents also learn practical ways to teach their children to love God’s Word and the joy of serving others.

Once the parents have completed Footprints in the Sand, they are ready for the next step. This is where parents and their children grow together through Footprints for Kids, a 32-week course.  Each Footprints for Kids lesson is an interactive group session where parents and children study and learn together.  

It is during Footprints for Kids that the parents teach their children to:

  1. Know Jesus and fall deeply in love with God;

  2. Give them a framework for their faith in Jesus;

  3. Help them to discover their spiritual gifts and then empower and enable them to use those gifts in the church – NOW!

Ministry opportunities include:

  • Mentoring parents

  • Leading children through this program in the absence of parents/grandparents