Sabbath School
Sabbath School
9:45 –10:30 a.m. (Sabbath School only 45 minutes today, April 2 only for Communion Service)
We are discipled through the sharing of God’s Word.
 The various topics being studied today: 

Young Adult Sabbath School
(Moved to Fellowship Center Section A) This class is for Young Adults in their 20’s and 30’s and is led by Courtney Rasmussen.
A Study of the Book of Revelation
Community in Christ, now in Section C of the Fellowship Center, is taught by team members Randy Waring and others.
Foundations of Faith
This Upper Room class provides an introduction to the major teachings of the Bible and is taught by Glenna & Alan Eady. Beginning January 2, the Foundations of Faith class will embark on a new series The 5 W’s of the Bible. Join us as we discover the history, inspiration, and depth of God’s word and how to study it more effectively.
The Book of Matthew
Groups that discuss the traditional lesson study meet in the following locations:
Front Sanctuary, West Side — Journey With God
             Janie Benner/Gordon Bullock/Gary Gryte    
Rear Sanctuary, East Side —
            Steve Trenholme
Sanctuary Balcony —
            Mons Jensen/Stacey Kizziar/Joseph Lee
Sanctuary Training Chapel (Off Foyer) —
             Barry Pratt/Brad Brown
Fellowship Center, Section B —
             John & Liv Johansson/Bruce Nicola