Health Ministries


The Health Ministries Department of Paradise Adventist Church provides a number of ministries designed to enhance the quality of life for church members and community alike.  They are all listed below. 


The goal is to effectively meet community need, and encourage involvement of church members and community by offering services that are in demand and needed by the community.  


The strategic objective is to position the church as the community resource for family-based health and education services.  There are openings available in every program offered for those church and community members willing to dedicate time and service to them.


The Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) co-sponsored by Feather River Hospital features Dr. Hans Diehl, DHS, MPH, presents ways to dramatically reduce the health risks associated with heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.  It is a 30-hour lifestyle improvement program.

Lifestyle Medicine in the 21st Century (Physicans’ Seminar)

Seminar offered once a year to physicians and other health professionals to provide education and training in the latest lifestyle medicine disciplines.  Renowned guest speakers present their insight into the latest research.  Continuing Medical Education credit is offered to those qualified medical personnel that participate.   

What’s the Connection

Do science and spirituality overlap?  Is there a connection between our health and our spirituality?  This free seminar, entitled What’s the Connection?, by Don Mackintosh, Evangelism Director for Amazing Facts, is offered at the end of each CHIP seminar and meets for six Monday evenings. 

Depression: The Way Out

This eight-week video seminar provides an in-depth comprehension of how depression affects the body mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Dr. Neil Nedley clarifies the causes of depression, the effects it has on a person, and how nutrition and lifestyle play important roles in the treatment of depression. This seminar is usually offered in the fall.  

Related Health Programs

Feather River Hospital offers a number of additional health programs and services which, in cooperation with the PAC Health Ministries Department, contribute to the variety of services available. They are: (in part)

  • Dinner with the Doctor (monthly)

  • Health Alert Screening (quarterly)

  • Diabetes Education (monthly)

  • Meals on Wheels

Ministry Opportunities

  • Promotion of program/delivering brochures to doctors’ offices, etc.

  • Registration/recording statistics throughout the seminar

  • Set up before/take down after meetings

  • Copying materials for participants/calling participants

  • Kitchen help – both in preparing the nightly meal, serving, and clean up

  • Tech support (i.e. audio/visual)