An organization run entirely by volunteers, Community Services is here to help families in our community who have immediate, temporary needs for such things as food, clothing and household goods.

Community Services also works with other area churches, The Red Cross and The Adventist Disaster Relief Agency to reach out to victims of disaster in the Paradise community and around the world.


Under the leadership of Bev Neuman, Shurlea Smith and Shirley Karls, a team of aproximately 20 - 30 volunteers work tirelessly and unselfishly each week preparing the food, clothing, and other essentials that will be given away. Even though they are open to the public only one day per week, there is always someone on-call so that anyone with a true emergency can receive help immediately.


Food purchased with donated funds is stocked and ready to be given out each Tuesday when Community Services is open to the public. Twice a year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, special food baskets are distributed to needy families to help brighten their holidays.
     Beautiful, warm quilts are hand-made by volunteers. The smaller lap quilts are given to elderly  shut-ins and nursing home residents.

     Clothing which has been donated is inspected by volunteers, then cleaned and mended if necessary before folding or hanging by size for easy access.

          Community Services accepts donation of clean, usable kitchen items, working small appliances, all sizes of clothing and bedding in good condition, and canned and boxed food which is unopened.
The number to call for 24-hour emergency help is 872-9548. Leave a message and someone will call you back the same day.