Mission & Values


          Living in Jesus, Sharing God’s Love


Through God’s grace, the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church is becoming a loving, contagious, Spirit-led family that lives in Christ and bears fruit through passionate worship, biblical truth, and caring service.

Core Values

Discipleship – Developing mature and growing believers with a dynamic relationship with God.
Faith – Developing strong spiritual relationships of belief and trust in God.

Family – Nurturing strong and growing family relationships as a foundation for discipling and growth.

Grace – The unmerited favor of God as manifested in Jesus Christ, and as extended to others by those who have experienced it.

Leadership – Building strong spiritual leaders within our church family.

Member Ministry – Encouraging every member to discover and implement a God-given ministry.

Strategic Goals

I.          To create a safe place for young people to thrive in their walk with God, and to intentionally incorporate youth and young adults into the structures and processes of the church.

II.         To strategically expand our prayer ministry and encourage every member to grow in a meaningful personal prayer life.

III.        To develop and implement a multifaceted community outreach that strategically targets the needs of our community, including health and recovery programs.

IV.        To develop and implement a comprehensive discipling/mentoring strategy that fosters spiritual transformation.